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Adventures and travels enjoyed prevacariously through descriptions and photographs taken by others.
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So, . . . How Does the Rope Get Up There Anyway? So, . . . How Does the Rope Get Up There Anyway?

So, . . . How Does the Rope Get Up There, Anyway? answers the FAQ’s and enlight and delight the readers with its revelations about big wall climbing and climbers.

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The Monkey Wrench Gang The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey

Edward Abbey's Classic Comic Gem of Destructive Mayhem and Outrageous Civil Disobedience...

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West in the Night West with the Night

Selected as one of the best adventure stories of the 20th century by Mariah Magazine

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The View from the Rat Lake The View from the Rat Lake

"You'll find no more absorbing, entertaining interpreter of what fly fishing gives un than John Gierach." ---Paul Schullery

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Arabian Sands Arabian Sands by Wilfred Thesiger

One of the best adventure stories from the first 20 centuries.

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A Ranger writes about her real life adventures and misadventures while working in America's National Parks.

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Abbey's Road Edward Abbey - Abbey's Road

You are about to visit some of the most exciting places on earth. Not the sort of excitement that makes morning headlines or the nightly news.

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Bruce Chatwin's In Patagonia In Patagonia (Bruce Chatwin)

An exhilarating look at a place that still retains the exotic mystery of a far-off, unseen land, Bruce Chatwin's exquisite account of his journey through Patagonia teems with evocative descriptions, remarkable bits of history, and unforgettable anecdotes.

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The Rider: A Cycling Classic The RIDER: A Cycling Classic

Originally published in Holland in 1978, The Rider became an instant classic. Brilliant.

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Eighty Years of Adventure - Gafford Eighty Years of Adventure

George N. Gafford threats the reader to an wonderful adventure that took him a lifetime to accomplish it to this point.
Notice that I said a lifetime of adventure, and not an adventure of a lifetime. He shares his gained knowledge of places and people from all around the World and cross-times of war and peace.

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NORMAN CLYDE: Legendaryu Mountaineer NORMAN CLYDE

Legendary Mountaineer of California Sierra Nevada

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DEAD LUCKY, Lincoln Hall DEAD LUCKY: Life After Death on Mount Everest

"A Gripping, almost unbelievable story of survival."—The Sun-Herald (Australia)

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Fire on the Mountain Fire on the Mountain

A Novel by Edward Abbey and a new introduction by Douglas Brinkley

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The MARDENS OF AURORA: A Gold Rush Family The MARDENS OF AURORA: A Gold Rush Family

This book contains not only the exciting story of this gold rush family, but a brief history of Aurora and Bodie, located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Our Price: $15.00
Channel Islands National Park & National Marine Sanctuary Channel Islands National Park & National Marine Sanctuary

A short distance off the mainland of Southern California stand five intriguing islands that make up Channel Islands National Park. On a clear day the islands are easily viewable from just about anywhere along the coastline, from Point Conception to the Santa Monica Mountains.

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No shortage of Good Days No Shortage of Good Days

Gierach again demonstrates the wit, eloquence, and insight that have become his trademarks.

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All Fisherman Are Liars All Fishermen Are Liars

"Gierach is one of the best when it comes to bringing the heart and soul of fly fishing to anglers everywhere." ---D'Arcy Egan

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Luminous Mountains: The Sierra Nevada of California Luminous Mountains

A photogenic display of the Sierra Nevada "Sierras" of California.

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MILE 445

An adventure on the PCT that makes Ms. Straight "Wild" look ridiculous....

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To a Mountain in Tibet To a Mountain in Tibet

One of the 100 Notable Books from the Book Review of The New York Times

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