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Adventures and travels enjoyed prevacariously through descriptions and photographs taken by others.
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So, . . . How Does the Rope Get Up There Anyway? Abbey's Road Eighty Years of Adventure - Gafford
So, . . . How Does the Rope Get Up There Anyway?
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Eighty Years of Adventure
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So, . . . How Does the Rope Get Up There, Anyway? answers the FAQ’s and enlight and delight the readers with its revelations about big wall climbing and climbers. You are about to visit some of the most exciting places on earth. Not the sort of excitement that makes morning headlines or the nightly news. George N. Gafford threats the reader to an wonderful adventure that took him a lifetime to accomplish it to this point.
Notice that I said a lifetime of adventure, and not an adventure of a lifetime. He shares his gained knowledge of places and people from all around the World and cross-times of war and peace.
The MARDENS OF AURORA: A Gold Rush Family Channel Islands National Park & National Marine Sanctuary Mile 445
MILE 445
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This book contains not only the exciting story of this gold rush family, but a brief history of Aurora and Bodie, located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. A short distance off the mainland of Southern California stand five intriguing islands that make up Channel Islands National Park. On a clear day the islands are easily viewable from just about anywhere along the coastline, from Point Conception to the Santa Monica Mountains. An adventure on the PCT that makes Ms. Straight "Wild" look ridiculous....
To a Mountain in Tibet Take it Easy!  An Optimist's Voyage Past War and Tragedy to adventure and Romance FIRST LIGHT
To a Mountain in Tibet
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Take it Easy!
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One of the 100 Notable Books from the Book Review of The New York Times
An Optimist's Voyage Past War and Tragedy to adventure and Romance
To become a best seller this book should be a great deal more salacious, written by one recently in the headlines—and called a memoir.
The best portraits of Yosemite Wilderness by 5 nature photographers---Kramer, Kroeber, Miller, Osborne, Walklet---doing what thhey do best. Trying to out do each other.
The Southwest's Contrary Land
The Southwest's Contrary Land
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What makes this land contrary?
Diversity, extremes, contrasts, contradictions.