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Search and Rescue

RADeMS Assessment Wilderness Emergency Care Basic First Aid for Non-Medical First Responders
RADeMS Assessment
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Considering all the facts and risks and assessing the actions to take in a rescue operation. Basic information for first responders and participants of outdoors activities where injuries may occur away from available care. Education material that should be read and kept handy on every emergency kit of a non-medical person participating in a rescue.
Basic Navigation for Search and Rescue & Survival Essential Knots Swiss Army Knife Camping & Outdoor Survival Guide
Basic Navigation for Search and Rescue & Survival using GPS or map and compass. A selection of knots essential to a search and rescue team 101 Tips, Tricks and Uses for Swiss Army Knives
Professionally written and designed to inform, educate, on the procedures, equipment and techniques in search and rescue missions. NASAR, the National Association for  Search and Rescue provides education and assistance to all S&R teams